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Allt Scheicheachan would be my vote. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Ben Alder (Gaelic: Beinn Eallair) is the highest mountain in the remote area of the Scottish Highlands between Loch Ericht and Glen Spean. Both shores rise gently, and the woods give way to sparse clusters of trees, the spruce’s pointy tops distinguishable now. The approach is enlivened by the dramatic Leachas ridges which offer some scrambling. From Culra Ben Alder looks magnificent, with two rocky ridges - the Short and Long Leachas, enclosing a … pouring rain. The hue is pervasive also because the island has very little vegetation, just a layer of grass. I tilted myself forward and a dreary moorland climb became a floodlit descent through an iridescent forest. Walk Britain Loch Treig to Loch Ericht , hill-walk route & GPS track Ben Alder Sron Bealach Beithe Sron Coire na h-Iolaire Beinn Bheoil, ascent 980m, length 17.5km, creator melohara, Ben Alder and Beinn Bheoil from Culra MountainViews Extra rations of water and food are always a good idea. But somehow they found the hospital (of course there are signs). The plan for this bothy weekend was simple enough. Ben Alder was a typical example, a huge upland area in the Central Highlands looking invitingly wonderful with it’s sweeping ridges and nearby Culra bothy. It’s actually the roof of a bothy. Start from Lochinver, a small village on the coast, and follow the narrow road straight east. It was one of those weekends for which the epithet “character building” was designed. Setting off for Ben Alder. You haven't climbed Ben Alder yet. Check Matador’s backpacking gear guide for a full list of what to bring. For some reason one image lodged in the memory, two grey figures like astronauts on the moon, simply titled “On the Ben Alder Plateau in deteriorating weather”. Also difficult was the 45 minutes or so lying alone in the dark while Frank went on to the bothy to get the others. Time to get your luggage down but too late to tell anyone you’re arriving. That’s the point. You’re ten miles from anywhere (the nearest road) with two miles of rough ground to the nearest track and it’s a dirty, wet night with low cloud. Ben Alder Cottage. Polis phoned and rescue underway, I drove back to the glen and, still in sodden and soiled clothing, climbed into the back of a car which was a foot too short to allow anything but fitful rest. Loads of fresh veg, real milk, 1lb of lamb, a bottle of red wine and a bottle of real drink. EVERYONE venturing into the Scottish hills,not only the mountains should read your story for these reasons: In stag stalking season, contact the Ben Alder Estate on 01540 672 … For most of its length it’s flanked with thick vegetation in trees and underbrush, and the area is quite lush. Emergency in Belford Hospital was bedlam. An early Monday morning start saw me standing at Fort William railway station waiting for the 7.44am train to Glasgow, my destination was Corrour Station, only 46 minutes away and the highest station in the UK and probably the remotest too. Approaches are long from any direction; Corrour Station gives the nearest access from the west, whilst it is possible to approach from Loch Rannoch in the south. Ice axe and crampons are required in snowy conditions. It is unsuitable for families with children, prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs. When everything was ready, the winchman stood outside, watching as the engines revved up, checking that the wheels came clear of the boggy ground then jumping aboard with a final wave as the chopper lifted into a low hover. Tuck your pants in your socks. I knew I’d done it before I hit the ground. Midge bites are itchy and usually painful. Starting point: Rannoch Station I left the car at 0550 and returned to the car at 1850 having completed the round. Always open, the 1870 bothy is small but well kept, with two rooms downstairs and some additional sleeping space in the attic. ( Log Out /  Published on Sep 20, 2016. The Walk. Minimum gear and maximum grub! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. We settled in for the evening, sawing up the roots and wood thoughtfully left by previous visitors (an unforgivable sin is to leave the bothy without fuel for the next visitor) and preparing the evening meal. Provisions were chucked into a rucksack (1 sleeping bag, 1 bivvy bag and 1 chocolate biscuit), torches were retrieved and maps were examined as we set off up the hill to find a “friend” who had just become a “casualty”. Head north towards Kilmory. The walk follows the only road on the isle, which eventually splits into north and south directions about halfway through the walk. By unzipping his overtrousers, it was possible to see and feel the location of the fracture – the break was simple (no blood, protruding bones and/or gross misalignment), so we splinted him up by tying his legs together with a combination of broad elastic and triangular bandages.
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