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Durham, NC. is based in Durham, but sells its beans on its website, and wholesale to coffee shops around the United States. ... Find us in … Two years later, the duo converted an old gas station in Portland's West End into a second outpost—this time, a bakery and coffee shop. The folks at Vermont Coffee Company know that good coffee starts with a quality product. Tom's insights on every country we import coffee from. BeanFruit proudly focuses on single-origin coffees and educating consumers about the beans in their cup. The bean: Iridescent, a winter blend that tastes like dark chocolate … Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), More Americans Are Participating in Dry January, Wrap Up Dry January With These Non Alcoholic Alternatives, Coalition Launches First 100 Percent Rye Finished in Bordeaux Barrels, How to Make Clear Ice at Home for Cocktails, Save Up To 45% On Some Amazing Items At Bulletproof Today, Bob Dylan’s Bootleg Vol. Jackson Hole Coffee Roasters brings a European commitment to coffee to Western Wyoming. In addition to Modcup’s Jersey City coffee shop and roastery, the company built a unique mobile roastery inside a restored 1969 Citroen H-Van, which was once used to deliver fresh bread in France. Once a month, they open up their tasting room for the public to sample offerings, tour the roastery, and ask any coffee-related questions they may have. The company hosts daily free tastings there, with $15 behind-the-scenes roastery tours and classes also available. Connect with us on Instagram. Photojournalist Jeff Taylor, and his roommate, fast food chain manager Fred Polzin, founded PT’s (P for Polzin, T for Taylor) in 1993 after Taylor tried—and failed—to find a local outlet that brewed an amazing cup of coffee. Owners Stefan and Lubomira got their start in the coffee business as baristas. The blends are also available via mail-order. (Don’t think coffee is an ideal? Barisimo sources direct trade beans from around the globe, but the roastery is equally known for its creative approach toward coffee: They recently developed a patent-pending cold-brew injector to make nitrogenated cold brew kegs. Intelligentsia. Swing by the Woodlawn Avenue outpost, and you might even catch the roasters in action: their 1500-foot micro-roastery is at the back of the store, and is clearly visible through a glass wall separating the production facilities from the café area. 419 Olive Street Villa Ridge, MO 63089. Growing from a community-based coffee house (and occasional TV filming set) to one of the US' best quietly-puttering-along roasters, Brooklyn's Café … FIRST AND FOREMOST, we have been making our "CoffeeRoastersClub" brand coffee roasters and related equipment for over 16 years. and be the first to learn about our coffees, our cooperative, and our commitment to the community! Handcrafted in the USA. With that kind of attention to detail, it’s no surprise that their product is carried in select coffee shops around the country, from San Antonio to New York. Our Coffee Roaster list contains To bring out the full flavor in every cup, Boxcar employs a special boiling method in its two cafes that utilizes custom-made flasks. Each shipment of 150-pound bags of coffee arrives at the Crimson Cup headquarters in Columbus, where a master roaster oversees the roast profile of each bean variety. In business for over 20 years, Intelligentsia has spread all over Chicago owing to demand for their specialty craft coffees. They’re also delicious. If you can’t make it to the Vermont Coffee Company Playhouse or their on-site café, you can find their coffee in establishments along the East Coast. Don’t head to Nashville for the state’s best coffee. Take a trip to the Vienna Coffee Company outside of Knoxville. Since 2002, founder R. Miguel Meza and his team have been hand-selecting and micro-roasting the very best blends from growers in Hawaii, Costa Rica, and Ethiopia. Origin Pages. Join a community of hundreds of specialty coffee fans and get specialty coffee news and updates straight to your inbox . The team here prepares the b… Along with attracting arts- and tech … Roasting Basics. co-founders Trevor Corlett and Ryan Knapp—who launched their business in 2008—source their beans directly from farms or cooperatives around the world. A "Best of Atlanta" winner in 2015, Cool Beans tackles more than 40 different varieties of coffee in a roaster they’ve dubbed Big Red. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest adventures, workouts, destinations, and more. Since it was founded in 2009, Portland, Oregon-based Heart Roasters has focused on bringing uncompromising… From bigger names like Blue Bottle and Stumptown to ones you may not have even heard of like Lofted and Thou Mayest, perk up with these almost-wholly independently owned coffee roasters responsibly producing some of the best java in the nation. For over a decade, local coffee roaster Michael Thomas and his two daughters have created unique blends and single origin roasts for customers at their Albuquerque shops. Coffee Roasters for Sale. Pure Bean Roasters was started out of a garage in 2013, and the owners only opened up a café this year, continuing to roast their beans at co-owner Mark Royalty’s home long after the company began shipping nationwide. Try BeanFruit’s Kenya Nyeri Chinga Peaberry for a bright, complex roast with notes of melon and nectarine. 1 and 6); JBC Coffee Roasters (No. The downtown Summerville café is host to a rotating calendar of events, including yoga, open mic nights, and local music—and they serve up a decent sandwich to go with that perfect cup. Co-founder Jimmy Lappin traveled to the Republic of Vanuatu in 2009 as a tourist, and was so taken with the local coffee that he and his sister, Martha Soderlund, teamed up with a local cooperative to source beans exclusively from farmers on the island of Tanna. Today they’re a major presence in the Salt Lake City coffee scene with a café, a wholesale store, and an outpost in the city’s airport. For an indulgent sip, try the rich-bodied variety called The Hunt, which promises hints of baker’s chocolate, strawberry, honey, and graham cracker. You must truly love the process of roasting … Coffee Glossary. In 2012, husband-and-wife team Will and Kathleen Pratt opened Tandem Coffee Roasters—a combination coffee shop and micro-roastery—in Portland's East Bayside neighborhood. Red Rooster Coffee. Square One Coffee is a family-owned roasting company that has accumulated some serious accolades. Onyx prizes unique tasting notes like "mulled wine" and "brouléed grapefruit." But Onyx has found an enthusiastic audience in Fayetteville, who come for their daily cup and for special events like roasting classes and an annual barista throw-down.
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